"Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part II: The Science of Simplicity™

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"Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part II: The Science of Simplicity™

Real Swing Golf

Have you scoured the internet, read books, watched YouTube videos, taken lessons, listened to tips from friends in search of “the answer?”
In your search, you have probably been led to believe that there is some certain mechanical formula, some series of ‘correct’ swing positions, that will magically ensure consistently powerful and accurate shots, only to find numerous dead ends and plateaus. Your frustration isn’t because the action of striking a golf ball is that difficult: in reality it's actually relatively simple…as you’ll see in this video. The problem is that the action of striking a golf ball has always been taught on the false premise that, “The body moves the club and 'correct' body movements and positions will create ‘good' shots and 'incorrect' body movements and positions will cause ‘bad' shots." This body focused approach has you ignoring the only thing that has any influence on the ball — namely, the clubhead!

This paradigm is so pervasive, so universally accepted as being true, that no one ever questions it. I've been questioning this paradigm for almost the entirety of my more than 35 years teaching golf. In the spring of 2004, we produced the first "Keep It Simple" Swing Program video to share with golfers my (at that time) twenty years of knowledge and teaching experience that led to the development of the simple and effective principles of the Real Swing Golf Method®.

Back then, I knew that the Real Swing Golf concepts worked for the vast majority of golfers. What I didn’t know was the science behind why they worked. With insight gained from 15 more years of teaching experience and research into the science of how human beings learn and develop motor skills, I have found that modern science is confirming the clubhead focused concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method®… and refuting the body focused, ’correct' swing positions paradigm.

I now want to share this additional knowledge and the insights I've gained in the "Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part II: The Science of Simplicity™ Golf Instruction video. It will provide the further insights and knowledge that I’ve gained in the ensuing 15 years since the original video was produced in the spring of 2004. There will also be much more “meat” with regard to swinging drills and understanding what to feel from the swing.

With this additional knowledge, you will gain a greater understanding of why "keeping it simple" really works!

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